In this technique, a drawing is made on an actual size canvas which is stretched and put on a frame. A ‘tufting gun’ is then used to tuft different color bundled yarns onto this canvas as per the design. In order to give strength, warmth and insulation to this rug, an additional backing (latex or other material) is affixed to the back of the rug. Pile of the rug, which is in the form of a loop, can either be cut or left as it is, to give a different look and feel to the carpet. Even height of the pile can be varied to give the rug a different texture (high and low pile effect). By varying the drawing, material, pile height and yarn colors, any design (complicated or simple) or texture can be realized using this technique. Price of these rugs depends on complexity of the design and the material used.


  • Individual tufts of yarn are punched into a pre-made backing fabric with a special tufting gun
  • This tool hooks and pulls yarn through the backing to form loops or piles
  • This process is less skill and labor-intensive than hand-knotting, so rugs can be completed in a shorter amount of time


How To Identify:

These rugs have a canvas backing glued on to hold the knots in place and usually have a cut or cut and loop pile.